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Our burgeoning Supply Chain Consulting business has been spurred on by demand from our customers and a desire to maintain our position as a leader in providing a full complement of supply chain services. Contrans is an established transportation provider in Canada, and is growing to provide high quality advice on supply chain and transportation issues to shippers across Canada.

Our Service Proposition:

Contrans Supply Chain Consulting provides solutions for the transportation industry, specializing in transportation planning and network optimization. Our parent company is a leader in the specialty transportation market and we have a unique capability to understand and advise on a full range of transportation and supply chain issues.


Contrans is a specialty transportation company located across Canada. Our consulting services are developed with this knowledge at our fingertips. Our usual expertise is in operationalizing transportation decisions. We can reach across our organization to assemble people with expertise in any sub-section of the ground transportation industry.

Other supply chain consultants concentrate on strategic and tactical level planning. We are experts in all levels of the supply chain. Because knowing what is possible on the ground floor will drive what happens at other levels in the supply chain.

Past Experience

Our clients in the past have included major building product manufacturers, mining equipment suppliers, and we have completed projects for our sister companies.

Our past projects have suggested transloading and cross docking strategies to increase transportation efficiencies. However, we do not stop at suggesting these types of strategies from a strategic level. For example, we will drill down to the level of suggesting specific loading diagrams for a typical consolidated load. In short, we create an easily implementable plan to help you achieve transportation efficiencies.

Successful Projects

  • Building Product Manufacturer, 2012, Private Client
  • Mining Component Manufacturer, 2012, Private Client
  • Municipal Infrastructure Manufacturer, 2012, Private Client
  • Home Contractor Supplier LTL network, 2012, Sister Company
  • Consumer Product LTL network, 2013, Sister Company

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