Brookville CarriersSafety

Brookville Carriers devotes great energy to our safety programs and the training of our drivers to ensure their safety everyday on and off the road. We are continually looking for ways to improve and enhance our safety programs and initiatives and take pride in knowing that our drivers receive continual training and support throughout their career with us, beginning during the first days of orientation.

Highlights of our Safety Program:

  • All drivers road tested prior to hire to ensure the highest safety standards.
  • 3 day paid driver orientation including one full day Defensive Driving course.
  • Driver trainers on staff who work with new and existing drivers to maintain and improve driver skills and knowledge.
  • Offer a mentoring program for developing new drivers into professional flatbed operators.
  • Defensive Driving course is extended to all employees, providing them with an insight to what our drivers experience on a daily basis.