About UsEnvironmental Dedication

When it comes to transporting your loads, we know you’ve got growing concerns about the toll the trucking industry takes on our environment. At Contrans Flatbed, we consider environmental stewardship within the trucking industry a serious business. That’s why we’re SmartWay partners with the United States Environmental Protection Agency. We’re committed to reducing our carbon footprint by implementing “green” initiatives that offer more sustainable ways to deliver your freight, minimizing the negative impact the transportation sector has on our planet.

Here’s how we’re doing our part:

  • Aerodynamic, fuel-efficient trucks promise better performance, reduction in emissions and optimization in fuel usage.
  • By using advanced designs and clean technologies, we improve fuel economy and air quality while lowering our operating costs.
  • Using optimal grade, low resistance tires maximizes fuel economy while reducing emissions.
  • Our innovative raildeck system helps us decrease our greenhouse gas emissions by 75% by moving freight with rail instead of truck. Rail transport produces less greenhouse gas due to the smaller fuel requirements, as freight can travel by rail at 1/8 the amount of fuel it takes to travel by truck.
  • Mobile communications cut down on our paper usage and allows us to decrease our out-of-route miles with built-in GPS and fuel station updates. These measures give us the ability to monitor and decrease idle time, maximizing fuel economy.

Our comprehensive environmental program reflects our dedication to meeting customer demand for increased sustainability performance. With these cost-effective practices and clean technologies in place, we can guarantee more efficient and environmentally-friendly freight transport operations which also promise increased productivity, reduction of harmful carbon emissions, and improvement of fuel economy and safety.